Chill nature girl who is zealous for all forms of life. I love who I am: media does not mold me. I follow a healthy vegan diet centered around super foods & raw cuisine. I believe in breathing & alternative medicine. I credit God for all that nature provides for us. Staying fit & healthy is a hobby for me, never a chore. Same for preparing meals, it’s a passion. I’m a “social butterfly” who enjoys night life & dancing, but I also find peace & happiness in nature. I’m very spontaneous & I like to make people laugh.

Random Disnay Wurld Weekend!

That’s right. I am going to Disney World this weekend. It’s completely random. With that said, this is what’s up…

We’re getting a 3 day park hopper pass (score). We plan on going to all the parks. I am mostly excited for MGM! Although every single ride I look forward to scares me. O_O I’ll do anything so I can wear my Minnie Mouse ears! I plan on buying a new pair this time. I’m thinking cheetah print. ^^

OKAY. I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE DISNEY (& THE SURROUNDING AREAA) MOSTLY BECAUSE IT HOLDS SOME OF MY MOST FAVORITE PLACES TO EAT. NOW THAT I GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY: I have my eyes & mind set on Sunday’s brunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen. Ethos is a cute little vegan restaurant. They are so vegan they are pet friendly (outdoor only)! I will be picking between banana, raspberry, blueberry, or chocolate chip pancakes. webcam porno Mmm. A fresh Florida mimosa is an obvious must! For lunch/dinner they have light options (sammies, wraps, salads) & also soul food like pizza, mac & cheese, shepherd’s pie, & more.

Boma is also another highlight for me (I’m such a fattie o_o). Bomo is an African themed buffet located on Disney grounds. It cost about $40/person. It’s worth every penny! Even as a vegan. When making your reservation you must tell them you’re vegan. One of the cooks will take you around the buffet & show you the abundance of vegan options in judo anzug their exotic buffet. Most the time they will bring out of plate of food specially made for you. It’s nice being vegan, eh?

Another place we are munching at, which is also African themed, is called Tuskor House. It’s pretty much the same thing as Boma, but at a much more casual scale.

 ^^ Bon appetit!